10 things to remember when you love an empath

10 Things to Remember When You Love An Empath

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10 Things to Remember When You Love An Empath

Empaths are emotionally in tune with everything around them.

Many consider Empaths to be highly sensitive.

I wrote this list to share with you 10 things you need to remember when you love an Empath.

  1. Feelings are HUGE for us. While others may see us as being overly sensitive, we know that feelings were designed to help guide us. We use our feelings as a compass. We honor and pay attention to them.
  2. If we love you then we love you deeply and with everything we have. We may even need to separate ourselves from you if we feel we need some space to recharge.
  3.  Empaths will do everything they can for you when they love you, but we have learned the hard way that boundaries are a MUST.  We only tell you no when we have decided that it is necessary.
  4. We value honesty and kindness above everything else. We won’t ever use our ability against you or to manipulate you.
  5. We can’t predict when we will have a moment of clarity. We aren’t a circus act and it happens at times that aren’t always convenient for us, either.
  6. Empaths are already aware that they are hard to love. It’s not unusual for an Empath to have battled abuse issues and toxic relationships on a consistent basis. Many even chose to not get involved in love relationships at all to avoid problems.
  7. We can’t tone ourselves down, ignore injustices or not listen to our inner voice. We might attempt it, but that would just water down who we really are.
  8. We can always tell when you are frustrated or upset with us. It’s just how it is.
  9. If you feel that loving us is a burden, please just walk away. Love shouldn’t make you feel bad and we don’t want to be the cause of that.
  10. Staying balanced is a constant battle. The last thing we want is your sympathy. We know that not everyone is going to “get us” but it really helps when you try.

I hope these 10 things to remember when you love an Empath were helpful for you. What have you found to be the most challenging part of being an Empath?



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