dealing with toxic people

Dealing With Toxic People

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I’m all about not blaming others. I think it’s important that we take responsibility for ourselves and our own feelings.

With that being said, it’s entirely possible for you to have low self-esteem due to the people you spend your time around.

Did you know that jealousy, low self-esteem and insecurity are all contagious?

Feeding into these emotions could cause you to become petty and nasty to others.

Unconsciously, people who feel bad about themselves enjoy knocking down other people because they feel bad about themselves.

They want to knock you down a few steps and put you on their level.

People with low self-esteem might even try to talk you out of trying to accomplish your goals and dreams.

They don’t do this because they are hateful people, either.

These people can’t even muster up the hope that anything can change.

These feelings get projected onto you.

I have no doubt that you have come across people like this.

It’s entirely possible that you live with or have a family member that fits this very description.

People with these types of issues can pass the disease they are carrying over to you.

Sadly, these types of issues are commonly passed onto us by our parents.

Emotional neglect can damage and scar a small child for life.

In order to overcome this type of damage, it’s important for parents to love their children unconditionally and to be supportive.

A parent who has no confidence in themselves is destined to fail.

How can they teach what they don’t even know?

Now that we have examined the issue let me share what to do if you have come to the realization that you are surrounded by toxic people.

Facilitating Change

The most common advice that I see around this issue is to just up and cut ties with anyone who is destructive or toxic.

I whole heartily believe that if someone is purposefully hurting you then you do need to take this advice.

Do whatever you can to cut your ties and walk away. You should never allow someone to intentionally hurt you.

However, if the person is doing this unintentionally, maybe you should dig a bit deeper: it’s possible that they could benefit from some type of help.

What you do in the meantime is to surround yourself with more people who are positive, supportive and who do love you unconditionally.

And you always remember to view what the toxic, negative people say through a lens of logic and reason.

If they are putting you down, is it because they have a genuine point?

Or is it because they themselves have low esteem?

Finally, try to build them up too. That means you should ask them why they feel the way they do and do everything to support them.

These tips can help if you want to salvage the relationship.

Listen to your feelings. Maybe you are ready to move on. If so, then do it and don’t feel guilty.

It’s not wrong to protect your feelings. Never feel guilty about having to remove someone toxic from your life.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have any tips for dealing with toxic people.

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